Small moments

The Kindness Of Others

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At 9AM, I stepped onto a steep ‘up’ escalator whilst holding the handle of my suitcase.

Halfway up, I let go of aforementioned handle in order to adjust my coat.

And then I watch with horror as this suitcase tips and starts flipping down the escalator in slow motion.

After running down the ‘up’ for a few seconds, I give up.

I decide to just stand still.

‘Cause although I used to make a sport out of running down up escalators there’s no way I’m going to catch this bag right now.

As I give up, a woman alights the moving staircase and waits for the suitcase to slam into her legs.

“I got it!” She yells.

And I wait at the top of the escalator.

Laughing at myself and this situation. Because, of course.

Of course.

It was like one of those scenes from the movies. That of a heartbroken woman ascending the stairs at the airport to see the love of her life waiting for her.

(Except it was just be being reunited with my suitcase).

I thank her, “there’s no way I could have gotten it alone.”

So many times, there’s no way we can do it alone.

But you know what’s great?

We’re *never* alone.

Be there for someone else today. Allow someone else to be there for you.

A simple action can change someone’s tone when she says, ‘you wouldn’t believe what kind of morning I had.’

It doesn’t take much to change someone’s day.

It doesn’t take much at all.

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