Small moments

The Guy At The Coffee Shop

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(Wait by the coffee counter)

Him: (in Russian accent) You want coffee?

Me: Yes, please!

Him: (gesturing to cashier) This girl wants a coffee!

Cashier: (Yelling back) The coffee counter isn’t open yet. No one’s here.

Him: (To cashier) Pffff. (To me) you want coffee? I’ll make you coffee.

(Makes plain coffee)

Him: One sugar? Two?

Me: Three, please!

Him: Three? No.

Me: …But -!

Him: One. One and a half, maybe.

Me: …But -!

Him: Trust me, this is much better. More healthy (Hands me coffee with 1.5 sugars).

Me: But…

Him: Fine (Adds another sugar). 2.5. Is enough.

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