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Snapshots From Zambia

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Someone recently asked me why I love villages.
I think it’s the honesty.
The straightforwardness.
People smile for my camera when they feel happy. Not because Cameras mean smile.
I think it’s the simplicity of their to do lists:
Work the ground. Gather the food. Cook the food. Eat the food. Talk with your family. Talk with your neighbors.
I think it’s the eyes of the people who live there.
And the fact that in them, you can see the universe.

A cockroach scurried across the floor, past the midwives’ feet and under a cabinet.

We were sipping coke lights and talking about their hobbies. Farming and sewing.

Me: Do you guys not try to catch those?

Her: There are so many of them. One won’t make a difference.

And I started thinking about that. Does one make a difference?

Does it?

Habits seem overwhelming sometimes. They seem like this unbreakable pattern. But habits are only a series of individual actions. Every time one is about to do something, one has a choice.

Do I do it or not?

Do I stop now or keep going?

Problems seem overwhelming sometimes. They seem like these insurmountable issues. But problems can often be broken down into smaller, more approachable steps.

Do I take one of those steps? Or do I sit paralyzed?

Does one step even matter?

I like to think that it does. That one step is not only indicative of existing power and courage, but gives birth to power and courage.

Take a step today. Say ‘yes’ when you feel like saying ‘no’. Say ‘no’ when you’re stuck in the habit of saying ‘yes’.

Wash one load of laundry even if you have 4 more to go.

Your whole wardrobe may not be clean but you can wear your newly laundered shirt with pride.

Because you took a step.

And one makes a difference.

Photo from Zambia by Spangshot Photography.

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