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How To View Challenges

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A long while back, I went on a date.

Me: What should we do?

Him: Let’s take a subway to a place in New York that neither of us have ever been to before, and see what happens.

And it was glorious. We emerged in Red Hook, explored antique shops and stores filled with random objects, sat on the pier, and watched the sunset.

Since then, I’ve tried to explore the environments that I take for granted.

Because I know Washington heights. And Murray hill, and crown heights, and Times Square.

But New York? She still holds so many more surprises.

She may be an old friend, but she still has many sides worth getting to know.

And today? Today I sat inside, overwhelmed by thoughts, anxious about things in my personal life.

And then I decided. I can be overwhelmed and anxious anywhere.

Why not do that outside.

So I looked at the subway map and saw a place called Brighton Beach. Which looked like it was, indeed, a beach.

Within an hour, my scooter and I arrived at a glorious place I never knew existed.

Nothing has really changed in my life from an hour ago. Except for my perspective.

I still have a bunch of thoughts. Things are still confusing in my life.

But maybe all of those things are not challenges to overcome.

Maybe they’re landscapes to explore.

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