Take A Moment To Breathe

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Today, take a moment to breathe.
Just… breathe.
Stand or sit with your shoulders back
And your arms unfolded.

Inhale a fresh breath
Don’t think about your next step
Just allow right now to represent
Itself fully in your mind
And your body.

Get out of your head
And instead
Allow yourself to just

Listen to what surrounds you
Let the colors around you astound you.

Just for a moment.
Enter into this moment.
There is so much
To be thankful for.

Allow yourself to let go
Of your thoughts
And fears
And inhibitions.

Stop judging yourself.
And be here.

Feel the exquisite burn in your chest
As your Divine spark and potential of all that is
fills the rest
Of your being.

Enter into the rest of your day.

Photography Copyright Rochel Spangenthal

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