We roam around the world, searching. We shall continue seeking until we realize that what we’re looking for is already here.


I truly hope that you find Something here.
Something for your Mind, your Body, your Spirit.
Something that encourages you to Wonder more. To Wander more.
Something that makes you feel a little more in awe. A little more grateful. A little less alone.
Something that brings you closer to the recognition of the beauty that exists around you. And within you.
Most importantly, I hope that you become more confident in the knowledge that your place is here. Your moment is now.

AroundThe.World is a compilation of writing and photography dedicated to empowering individuals across the globe to further access their healthiest selves in four dimensions:

Emotional Health
Mental Health
Spiritual Health
Physical Health

About Rochel.

Rochel is Columbia University educated Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who is licensed to assess, diagnose, and form treatment plans for those suffering from a variety of mental illnesses and emotional concerns. She explores possible contributing biological, psychological, and social factors to mental health and utilizes a holistic treatment approach. Rochel incorporates psychotherapy and behavioral modifications with psychopharmacological interventions.

After receiving a BA in Neuropsychology from Yeshiva University, Rochel spent 6 months backpacking the globe. During her travels, she reached a new appreciation of the pure, human element that exists in individuals across cultures and developed a belief that every individual has a healthy core, if only they are given the tools to access it. Upon returning to the USA, Rochel pursued a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, followed by her Masters of Science in Nursing.

Rochel utilizes writing, photography, and speech to highlight the inherent sacred nature of every person and moment.