Small moments

Subway Seats

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On a crowded subway train, seats are gold.

And it’s fascinating to see how people act when they spot unclaimed gold, waiting to be taken or shared.

Whether they run for it. Or offer it to others. 

Which is why, this morning, when one person vacated her place on the bench, three commuters and I looked from the seat to the rest of the crowded subway car.

It was evident by the directions of our flitting eyes that these three men and I were trying to find the person most deserving of those few square feet of respite.

No one standing was carrying bags. Or elderly. Or extremely young. Or pregnant.

So the one guy turned to me and gestured to the seat.

“I’m good,” I replied back.

“Please,” he motioned.

And I sat down.

Not an exciting story.

Not on the surface.

Except for the fact that it’s so easy to notice when people are unkind. When things don’t go our way. When red lights block our way.

When our health fails.

And more difficult to notice when they are good.

When people are lovely. When plans go according to plan. When we drive without stopping.

When we can breathe without having to struggle.

There are so many little good things.

Every day.

May we all see the good that’s already around us.

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